Webshippy offers predictable, transparent, fixed rates to everyone. Our guiding principle in setting our prices was simplicity so that you can easily understand and make your calculations. With us, you only pay for what you use.

In terms of fulfillment services, there is no subscription fee, monthly fee, access fee or joining fee. The charges are applied only if and when you use a service.

The price list includes the rates of all our services. You can find Webshippy’s up-to-date prices here.


Basic of charge


Package handling

Number of packages per month

From 300 HUF/package

Delivery fee


From 550 HUF/package

C.O.D. handling fee

Value of C.O.D.

From at 170 HUF

Packing material

Type of packing material

From as low as 0 HUF

Standby fee

Size of area

From as low as 0 HUF

Extra, additional services

Depending on service

Based on price list

*Fees do not include VAT

Webshippy service charges

Our service charges are grouped in three categories:

1. Basic fulfillment charges – Incurred charges for all packages

2. Optional fulfillment charges – Charges based on order, quantity of product and packages

3. Charges for amenities

1. Basic fulfillment charges

This includes all charges incurred during the preparation and delivery of packages:

  • Package handling fee

  • Delivery fee

Package handling fee

The package handling fee is calculated based on the number of packages in the last 30 days. During our weekly accounting process our system sets the relevant fee based on the number of packages during the last 4 weeks. The basic package handling fee includes the preparation and packaging of 5 items. In case of orders larger than 5 items, an extra is applied to the item number above 5 (5+extra).

Example #1:

If a webshop had 210 packages in the last 30 days, with 56 packages during the last week, the weekly calculation is as follows:

Package handling fee up to 250 packages: 620 HUF x 56 packages= 34720 HUF

Example #2:

If an order contains7 items and the handling fee is 620 HUF, on top of the basic charge an extra will be added twice. This makes the package handling fee 620 + (2 x 80) = 780 HUF

Delivery fees

Delivery fees depend on the destination country (Hungary or international) and the weight of the package. With Webshippy you can count on first-rate prices both for domestic and international deliveries, C.O.P. handling option included.

You can find our fixed, updated delivery rates here.

2. Optional fulfillment fees

These optional charges include costs that some characteristics of the package necessitate, along with the following cases:

  • C.O.D. handling cost

  • Packing material cost

  • Package handling fee extra (in case of 5+ packages)

  • Handling fee of a package not collected

  • Standby fee

  • Shipment and delivery fee

Cash on delivery handling fee (We are only able to handle C.O.D. on road transport deliveries!)

The handling fee is based on the value of the package included in our fixed price list.

Packaging material cost

The packaging material cost depends on the kind- and size of packaging material needed to ensure a safe and cost-efficient delivery of your product. Our price list includes numerous types of free packaging material. You can also let us know through the system if you have a preferred packaging type (envelop, bag, cardboard box). In ‘Orders’ you will see the type and cost of the packaging for each order.

Handling fee surcharge 5+

Our package handling fee includes 5 items per order. If an order contains more items, we apply an extra charge for each item above 5. You will find this amount under package handling fee.

The rate of extra charges decreases gradually with growing volume.

Handling of return products and packages not collected

These charges apply if the delivery of the order was unsuccessful or the buyer returns a part of - or the entire order.

Standby fee

We don’t automatically charge for storage at Webshippy, so if you have a sufficient number of orders, you will never have this expense. On the other hand, if you have an unreasonably large stock that provides you with products for several months, we will have to apply an additional standby fee. This is based on the shelf -and pallet space taken up by your products as follows:

Our system checks the space your products occupy at the end of each week, on a weekly basis. Your weekly required number of packages is the value of the shelves, or the pallets multiplied by twenty. If this is fulfilled, no standby fee will apply. A total number is calculated regardless of which storage unit the order was stored on.

You find the updated space your products occupy as well as the number of packages fulfilled of the weekly quota on the Dashboard and under Product handling - Products on the Webshippy Admin. Interface.

Example #1.:

We store your products on 16 shelf-spaces, making your weekly required package value 16. You have had 18 orders this week, which is more than the required 16, so no standby fees will apply.

Example #2.:

We store your products on 32 shelf-spaces, making your weekly required package value 32.

You have had 27 orders this week, which is below the target 32. The difference is 5 packages so the standby fee applied is the current package handling fee multiplied by 5.

Example #3.:

We store your products on 2 pallets and 19 shelf-spaces, making your weekly required number of packages (2x20+19=) 59. You have had 42 orders delivered this week, which is below the target. Your orders fulfilled the requirements for 19 shelves - one pallet space (19+1x20=39), resulting in a standby fee equivalent to the storage of one pallet, 1250 HUF/week.

Shipment and transfer fees

Two shipments a week are free of charge providing that each shipment contains no more than 1000 products. Above this value, a shipment charge will apply.

We always apply a charge for the preparation of transfers regardless of the weekly value.

3. Amenity fees

Charges incurred by optional, extra services are included, such as:

  • Printing invoices

  • Priority receipt

  • Expedited delivery

  • Exchange package

  • Credit card C.O.D. handling

  • Monitoring comments

  • Extended package processing to 17h

These charges only apply if you have requested the given service. You can find the list of all available amenities in our updated price list.

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