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Connecting a Woocommerce store
Connecting a Woocommerce store

Connecting the Woocommerce store to the Wordpress blog engine with the Webshippy system.

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Installing the woocommerce plugin

  1. Download the Webshippy Wordpress plugin here: download plugin

  2. In the Webshippy interface, go to "Set Up" - "Sales Channels", select "Woocommerce" / "Wordpress" and record the basic details of your store on the data sheet that appears. After clicking "Save Store", the API key generated for the store will be displayed. Copy this key as you will need it soon.

  3. Log into the Wordpress Admin interface and select "Plugins" / "Add New Plugin", then upload the Webshippy plugin you downloaded in ZIP format. Once installed, activate it.

  4. In the Wordpress Admin menu, click on "Webshippy" (located in the side menu), then copy the API key created in step 2 and click on "Save".

  5. You can verify that the connection has been successfully established by creating a test request.

  • Due to the technical nature of the Woocommerce integration, product synchronization can be inaccurate, and in extreme cases, can be delayed by up to a few hours.
    This requires particular attention when selling products selected from the Webshippy Marketplace catalogue, as the synchronisation delay may cause you to sell a product that is no longer in stock.

  • In some cases (e.g. FoxPost delivery method), customers will only receive notification SMS if the phone number is entered in the format +36XXXXXXXXXXX. By installing the following WooCommerce plugin, you can set your webshop to request the phone number in this format:

  • For error 301, you need to set the protocol to https if your shop uses it.

  • If the "Demo Mode" in the Webshippy Plugin settings is enabled (unchecked), orders will not be received by Webshippy. It must be switched off for smooth operation.

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